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Refrigerated transport

The transport of refrigerated goods is carried out with new ThermoKing wagons fitted to the highest standards for any cargo requiring a constant temperature of -25 to +25 degrees Celsius. We transport medicines (ISO 9001: 2015), perishable food, frozen food, etc. on pallets at controlled temperature.

When the goods you want to transport are perishable, Araisa Group provides you refrigerated transport services - with controlled temperature, at temperatures between -25 and +25 degrees Celsius - in the most common way.

Frozen/refrigerated transport:

Deep freeze transport

Freezing: when frozen goods (frozen fish, frozen meat, etc.) are transported at the usual temperatures of -18 / -25 degrees Celsius

Refrigerated transport

Refrigeration: when transported goods requiring only cooling and keeping a constant temperature throughout the transfer (medicines, fresh fish, fresh meat, animal carcasses, vegetables, fruits etc.).

All refrigerated transports are provided with refrigerated vans

All refrigerated transports are provided with refrigerated vans up to 22 tons equipped with air conditioning units and temperature charts. Products requiring controlled temperature have an increased degree of perishability, which is why we provide transport with refrigerated or Thermoking vehicles equipped with temperature controlled aggregates, in maximum safety and cleanliness conditions.

Upon request, for perishable products, we organize urgent transports by means of transport with a crew of 2 drivers. Thus we provide an extremely short transit time.

Permanent control of the location of the goods

You have permanent control over the location of the goods during transport, all trucks being equipped with a GPS tracking system. The transported goods are insured with CMR. To provide additional safety, Araisa Group also benefits from its own insurance, specific to shipping companies, amounted to 1,200,000 euros.

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